top 5 mistakes made by new web developers

Top 5 Mistakes Beginner Web Developers Make

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As a new Web Developer you are bound to make mistakes here are the Top 5 Mistakes Beginner Web Developers Make.

1)  TMI (To Much Information)

At a first glace you might be overwhelmed with all the  different type of languages  that are out there HTML,CSS,PHP,JAVA,C# ect. The most common mistake people make when they see the mountain of languages they want a QUICK way to becoming a professional Web Developer.

I am sad to say that there is no QUICK why to learning Web Development not to be worried because if you follow my upcoming blogs you will find all the information you need to learn Web Development in multiple languages such as html,css,javascript,php and even some cms (WordPress).

2) Image Over Size

This might seem so obvious that it must not even be on this list but it’s just one of those things you seem to overlook as a New Developer.When i say that an image is over size i mean that the resolution is bigger then the size off the image shown in the code for example your code say that image A is 100 pixel high but the size of your image is 500 pixel high.

When your image is bigger then the size it is meant to big it will be bigger in physical size which means that you site’s performances will be allot slower then it could be.If you have a gallery off 30 images and all of them are over the code size you stand a very good chance that the site will be very slow and that will be BAD NEWS for your visitors because at the end of the day your users don’t want to wait for all the images to load and they will leave your website.

3) Closing the code

That sounds super simple but believe it or not at some point in time you will forget to put the “/” sign in one of your closing tags.That is not a train smash because today’s browsers will render it out as if you did put the closing tag in but note that there are some browser that will not render the text.

One of the best practices is to build a website and check it on a few browsers.I personally test all my websites on safari,chrome,firefox and internet explorer because those are your main browsers that’s being used daily.

4) Ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you have not yet done any kind of web development you will not know how SEO works but SEO is the lifeblood of any website no matter what type of website you are building.As an new web developer you will NOT add any meta tags to your web pages.Meta tags is the tags that store all your site data like your key words and descriptions.

Once your website is done you will start adding all your meta tags so don’t stress about not adding all the tags when you learn html later it will come more naturally.

5) Failure to test

In the beginning you will be doing allot of testing,testing every single line of code you write.At an later point in time you will  test the code allot less and that is where you make the big mistake you will build an big chunk of code without testing it.At a later stage you will run the code and get an error you will be so confused not knowing where the error is.

So a point to take from this is to ALLWAYS  test your code.

Thank you very much for reading this post on this blog you will learn allot of stuff technology wise.If you got anything special you would like to see on the site feel free to contact me.


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