How to : Install WordPress for Beginners.

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Installing WordPress is so easy to do especially if you got a one click host installer but today we will be installing it manually on our local webserver (It is the same as if you would ftp it to an webserver somewhere else)

What is WordPress?

WordPress is Known as a CMS (Content Management System) it is a framework where you can build a website with no web development experience.

Let’s get started

What you will need.
  1. WordPress (the scripts that your site will consist of )
  2. Navicat ( Or some program to access your database with)
  3. Xampp ( If you don’t know how to use it read this first)
Downloading WordPress

head on over to and click on “Download WordPress 4.x.”

Click on the download button “it might be different depending when you are reading this blog post”

Once it is finished downloading leave it we will get back to it later.

Download Navicat

Navicat you can buy for the full version or you can use the 30 Day trail ( WordPress Database you will only do once so trail is fine)

To download navicat head on over to and click on “Download Trail”

Make sure it is Navicat Premium

On the next page you will need to select your OS (Operating System) in my case i am running Windows 64bit.

Click on any one of the mirrors

Once done downloading just click on it.

Just click on it once

From here on you just click next

Just click next
Take a look at the terms of use,once you are done just click next
Choose your location to Install the software to
Click Next
Select if you want to create a Desktop Shortcut and click next


Now finally click install to start the process
Wait for the install process to finish.
Click on Finish

Now all your software is installed and you are ready to start setting up Word press.

Extracting WordPress

Head on over to the wordpress file you downloaded and extract (right click and select extract all) it to your htdocs (If you don’t know where to find this folder look at this)

Creating a database

  1. Open navicat and click trail.
  2. Click Connections and MySQL
  3. Connection Name can be anything “Let’s call it userdatabase” and click Ok (Remember the name)
  4. Double click the Database on the left. (Now right click and select New Database and give it any name but remember it)

Setting up your config file

Go to localhost or

Database Name: your database name “userdatabase”

Username: root


Database Host: localhost

Table Prefix:wp_

After that click on Run the Install

Website Information

All info can be whatever you want it to be

Site Title: Test Site

Username: Ruben

Password: password123


And click install WordPress


If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.



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